11/10/2012 09:10 BST | Updated 11/10/2012 09:23 BST

'You Should Toughen Up A Bit': Big Sister Offers Great Advice (VIDEO)

As the great television series rightly pointed out: kids say the funniest things. They also often say the smartest things.

Take the young lady in the clip above, for example. Just a kid, but full of wisdom for her two-year-old brother. Yes, we can think of no better way to celebrate International Day Of The Girl here on Huffington Post UK Comedy than by holding up this shining beacon of intelligence and maturity. Little boy: you have one cool big sister.

Click play above to watch this real-life Lucy Van Pelt in action - and remember her words, folks, next time you're tempted to "do a fight". Think about it. Think about it...