12/10/2012 14:40 BST | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Toddler Twins In The Battle Of Sleep V Spaghetti

Nothing beats an after-lunch nap, but these toddler twins have decided they can't wait – and have fallen asleep DURING their meal.

While trying to eat plates of spaghetti, the pair fight the urge to close their eyes, but eventually exhaustion takes over – and they end up covered in pasta sauce.

The hilarious antics of 22-month-old twins MJ and AJ have proved a heartwarming hit with more than 130,000 You Tube users who have viewed the clip after their amused American parents filmed their noddy lads.

Throughout the minute-long clip, both boys' heads bob up and down as they try to put handfuls of pasta into their mouths. At several points, their aim goes awry and spaghetti lands all over their shirts.

Their mother, Johanne, tells the tale of the pasta nap on your YouTube page.

She wrote: "After a long morning of playing in the pool and building sand castles on the beach my twins could not stay awake to finish their lunch.

"They were trying really hard and were really enjoying their food as you can see.

"Sleep v.s. tasty spaghetti.. sleep won! :)"

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