14/10/2012 13:01 BST | Updated 15/10/2012 10:30 BST

Left Behind At Hotels: Snails, Swords And Wives, According To New Survey

Snails, swords and even spouses are among things left behind in hotels, according to a survey.

The snails were left behind at a hotel in Budapest while a startled guest in a hotel in Washington DC found a snake in his room, the survey by found.

The left-behind spouse was at a hotel in Prague when a businessman went straight to the airport leaving his wife at the hotel.

A guest staying in a hotel in Dublin forgot his mother was with him and left without her.

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Other instances included 10,000 dollars in cash left hidden around a hotel room in Washington DC, a dog left behind by an owner in a hotel in Milan, a police officer leaving his gun and badge in a Las Vegas hotel and wedding dress left behind in a New York hotel.

The survey found that 23% of hotels reported an increase in the number of forgotten iPads, laptops and smartphones and 11% of European hoteliers said there had been an increase in the number of abandoned sex toys and performance-enhancing drugs.


Kathy Dover, head of brand and public relations for UK and Ireland, said: "For this survey hundreds of hotels pulled back the curtains to share some very insightful stories into hotel life.

"It comes as no surprise that hotel guests sometimes forget to pack all of their belongings; however we were incredibly surprised by some of the items - and in some cases people - left behind."