15/10/2012 12:27 BST | Updated 15/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Giant Eyeball Washed Up On Florida Beach Belonged To A Swordfish (PICTURES)

A giant eyeball which was discovered washed up on a Florida beach belonged to a swordfish, scientists have confirmed.

The enormous peeper, still bleeding, was found by a walker on Pompano Beach, and handed to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission who placed it on ice and sent it their labs for possible identification.

In the meantime, speculation as to the owner of the giant eye ranged from a giant squid, to a whale, a mastodon and a er...Bigfoot.

On Monday the commission released the following explanation via its website: "Experts on site and remotely have viewed and analyzed the eye, and based on its color, size and structure, along with the presence of bone around it, we believe the eye came from a swordfish.

"Based on straight-line cuts visible around the eye, we believe it was removed by a fisherman and discarded."


Gino Covacci, who spotted the eyeball on Wednesday, told the Orlando Sentinel: "It was very, very fresh. It was still bleeding when I put it in the plastic bag."

Carli Segelson, spokeswoman for the FWC told HuffPost Miami: "This is definitely an unusual situation, where an eye would be found independent of any other body part.

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