15/10/2012 09:44 BST | Updated 16/10/2012 09:34 BST

The Great Storm Of 1987: Huffington Post UK Readers Share Their Memories And Pictures

Monday evening marks the 25th anniversary of the Great Storm, a night of extreme weather which saw 18 people lose their lives and more than 15 million trees felled.

Britain sustained around £2bn of damage as gales of 100mph tore off roofs and deposited boats on dry lands.

Do you remember the Great Storm? Leave us your memories in the comments section and we'll add them to this article. If you have pictures, email them to, #greatstorm.

I was convinced it was the end of the world! Mary Dixon

Remember it well it was my last day at work and I lived two towns away I managed to get to work while people two minutes walk away didn't even bother going in. My husband was unfortunate enough to be working as a Council gardener then and had to help remove the trees that had blown down on to roads etc with a chainsaw it took him weeks of work. Wolfhound 67

I obviously couldn't get into work that day but, back then, we didn't have a phone at home (no mobiles in those days either), so I spent a lot of the morning trying to find a telephone box that was still working, so that I could phone into work. I had to step over one or two trees as well! David Bullions

I remember it well, my first year taxi driving...and my first ride to Gatwick Airport the very next day! Alan Ridgley

I was happily sleeping through it until my dad woke me and my brother up convinced the roof was going to cave in. He made us sit downstairs huddled round the radio like it was the blitz. To make it even worse, I went to the only school in the town, if not the whole of Kent that was open the next day. Alex Olliver


My dad used to keep pigeons, i remember watching out of my window as one of his pigeon lofts lifted off the ground and flew away with the pigeons in it, i was a very confused 7-year-old. Paul Butler

I remember eating off a camp stove because we had an electric cooker. Rebecca Humphrey

I was living in a flat above a row of shops. Next door was a pet shop and the animals that were kept outside were flying around everywhere in their cages, poor little blighters. A huge roundabout sign had split in half and was rolling down the road like a crisp packet but the most amazing thing was a whole shoal of large fish appeared on the pavement and considering we was living about half a mile from the beach it was quite shocking. LouLou11

I was working in London at the time in my first job. I remember waking late for the train as my alarm hadn't gone off- no electricity. My mum had woken me and said- "look outside, you'll be going nowhere..." The oak tree in our garden was upended through the greenhouse. olcecado