16/10/2012 13:17 BST | Updated 16/10/2012 13:22 BST

Dog-Shaming: Pooch Hides In Shower After Chewing Sheet (VIDEO)

Rest assured, dear readers. In solidarity with our fellow humans, we will endeavour to continue to highlight the current trend for dog-shaming - the online fight-back against badly behaved pooches.

The latest canine culprit to be brought to our attention is this naughty mutt who opted to cower in the bath after chewing up her owner's bed sheets. Just look at her - trying to come over all innocent when we all know she's guilty as hell.

(Thanks to YouTube's Petsami channel for highlighting this shame-faced pooch.)

Ready to feast your eyes on some more shamed dogs? Be our guest...


And if you've been wondering whether guilty-looking dogs actually do feel guilty - well, listen to this fascinating episode of Radiolab, in which the possibility of animals feeling human-like emotions is discussed. Including dogs and guilt. Don't say we don't teach you nothing on Huffington Post UK Comedy: