Enrique Pacheco's 'Made On Earth' Timelapse Video Amazes The Internet


An incredible 'timelapse' video has taken the internet by storm after providing a brand new perspective on space - from Earth.

Photographer Enrique Pacheco created the video ('Made on Earth') over two years.

He photographed landscapes and cities in Spain, Estonia, Iceland and the USA using timelapse techniques where smooth footage shows an exe tended period of time in just a few seconds.

"My goal has always been to get the best results, both technical and dramatical, emphasising composition, light and feeling in each and every shot," he said.

"The difficulty of filming in many locations, the arduous process of developing and the physical and economic effort I had to make to film this piece, makes me extremely happy to share the material in Vimeo."

Take a look at the video, above.

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