23/10/2012 10:50 BST

Evil Baby Glare-Off Contest - Winner Announced (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Congratulations to US toddler Kadence, who's just been named winner of this year's Evil Baby Glare-Off by parenting blogger Ilana Wiles.

Not familiar with the concept behind the Evil Baby Glare-Off? The clue's in the title, really. Parents send in snaps of their grumpy/terrifying-looking kids, which are then paired up for one-on-one glare-offs, judged by readers of Ilana's Mommy Shorts blog.

After four rounds of questions, such as "Which kid would make you want to sleep with the lights on?" and "Which kid's favourite toy is a voodoo doll named Mommy?", the final showdown was between straw-sucking Kadence and teeth-baring Lil D - with Kadence announced the overall victor.

"If Kadence were my kid, I would be toting her around wherever I went, using the glare as necessary," Ilana wrote on her blog.

You'll be pleased to hear that Kadence's scary efforts won her a whole load of prizes, including an Evil Baby Glare-Off onesie. (We're not sure if they do them in adult sizes - but if they do, we definitely want one.)

Take a look at the contenders in the video above and slideshow below (don't say we don't spoil you). Kadence makes her appearance on the third frame in...