British 20-Somethings Put US Comedy 'Girls' To Test (PICTURES/QUIZ)

We’ve had 'Gossip Girls', 'New Girls' and 'Broke Girls'. But until last night, Huffpost Lifestyle weren’t aware of any twenty-something women allowed to act in a modern sitcom without clear boundaries.

Then came 'Girls', the American comedy sitcom written, directed and produced by 26-year-old Lena Dunham that premiered on Sky Atlantic on Monday.

“I don't want to freak you out, but I think I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least a voice. Or a generation.” -- Hannah, wannabe author, 'Girls'

In the US, Dunham's series about four female graduates in New York has been hailed for its raw approach to story telling.

Neither Hannah, Marnie, Jessa nor Shoshanna appear to have jobs they value (or that value them), fulfilling relationships, or even seem to like each other that much.

Cue horribly realistic sex scenes, massive financial support from parents, girls going to the loo together and arguing, and a sense that life is much better in 'Sex And The City'.

But will this dystopian vision travel across the Atlantic to Britain with the same spiky insistence of four women with $5,000 dollar outfits back in the late 90s?

We asked the HuffPost UK ‘girl’ reporters, aged 23-24, whether these four women have anything in common with their lives.

Reasons Why We Think It's Relevant

  • Hannah convinces herself she's got something meaningful with a guy who never calls her but does have sex with her. She even accepts backhanded compliments from him such as "you're not that fat anymore".
  • The existence of Shoshana, the sexually-inexperienced friend who has a 'Sex And The City' poster on their wall and really likes sleepovers, is so true to nearly everyone's friendship group it hurts.
  • About 90% of my friends have interned in the two years since we've graduated & regrettably some still are. We've often spoken about the difficult jump from unpaid to paid, and how awkward you feel having "the chat" about salary. No matter how confident you are, how long you've been interning or how great your relationship with your boss is, you can't help but hesitate.
  • My friends and I always chat when we're in the bathroom, it's nice to have company! Although I don't think it's a past-time restricted to girls in their early 20s nor have I ever argued while one of us has been on the toilet.

Reasons Why It's Utterly Irrelevant

  • My parents have never paid my rent for two weeks, let alone two years. It seems hard to connect with Hannah and the rest of them while they're so convinced that her parents should be paying her way, or as they put it "supporting" her.
  • I don't think I know any 24-year-olds who are as expectant/lazy as the main character. Friends my age have made sacrifices and are super resourceful when it comes to money - if they're struggling they either have second jobs or live further out of London in cheaper accommodation. I worked for a year to save up money so that I could intern at various newspapers and magazines, and moved back to my parents' house to save costs.
  • If I had a boyfriend who physically repulsed me, I wouldn't waste my time talking to my friend about it I'd speak to the guy. And I would encourage any friend to do the same.
  • The girls have perfect hair but all they're doing is hanging out in their flat. There's a distinct lack of hairbands.

Okay, time for a quiz. Do you think these comments were said about 'Sex And The City' or 'Girls'?

QUIZ: Are These Quotes About "Sex and the City" Or "Girls"?

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