24/10/2012 14:11 BST | Updated 24/10/2012 14:24 BST

Donald Trump Mocked On Twitter For Obama 'Major Announcement' (VIDEO)

The world waited. And then just before the suspense became too much for everyone to handle, Donald Trump released his much trumpeted (ahem) announcement that he said would upend the US election campaign.

The billionaire businessman has said he will give $5m to charity if president Obama releases further proof that he is an American citizen.

In a YouTube video posted on Wednesday, he said: "If Barack Obama agrees to give all of his college records and applications and if he provides all of his passport records and applications, I will give to charity of his choice … a check for five million dollars."

The caveat? Obama has to release the documents by 5pm on 31 October of the offer will be withdrawn.

Trump had long questioned whether Obama, who has released his birth certificate showing he was born in Hawaii, was born in the United States.

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The announcement was quickly ridiculed by people on Twitter, who deemed it to be rather underwhelming. Many questioned why Trump did not give the money to charity anyway if he cared so much.