26/10/2012 12:25 BST | Updated 26/10/2012 12:28 BST

The Scariest Halloween Trick Ever? (VIDEO)

Want to see a man sneeze his head off? Like, literally, sneeze his head off? (Sorry for the sudden "annoying teenager" turn of phrase there - but we're simply too impressed/unnerved to articulate properly.)

Just in time for Halloween, magician Rich Ferguson has been out on the streets of his California hometown, San Luis Obispo, scaring the living daylights out of passers-by with this utterly amazing trick.

We wish we knew how it's done - if only because it would be a great way to while away the time and entertain fellow commuters during those long boring bus journeys into work. Oh well, we'll just have to carry on sneezing without the head-coming-off bit, we suppose...

And now for more - slightly less nerve-wracking - Halloween fun, here's a super-cute selection of pictures of animals and pumpkins. Altogether now: aww!