28/10/2012 11:22 GMT

Amir Khan Accused Of Holiday Flings

Boxer Amir Khan has been accused of cheating on his fiancee with two girls while away on holiday with his friends.

The sportsman, who is engaged to American Faryal Makhdoom, is alleged to have spent time with Brits Natalie Kane and Tanya Reed while on a lads holiday in Marbella this year.

Both of the girls spoke to The Sun about how they flirted with Amir by the side of the pool and claimed that they had kissed him.

Tanya claims she had no idea he was planning to marry when she met him.

She told the newspaper: "Now I know he's engaged, I think he's an absolute slimebag. I feel sorry for her. If I could say anything to her, it would be 'Don't marry him because he's a cheat'".

At the time, Amir defended his actions on holiday on Twitter, writing that he loved his fiancee and they had complete trust in each other.

The news of his flirting comes after another woman claimed to have slept with Amir just two weeks before he announced his plans to wed Faryal.