29/10/2012 05:14 GMT | Updated 29/12/2012 05:12 GMT

Amazon Customer Reveals Very First Book Purchased On The Website

The first book ever purchased on Amazon has been finally revealed.

John Wainwright from California purchased 'Fluid Concepts And Creative Analogies' by Douglas Hofstadter on 3 April, 1995, during a beta test for the new service.

He is thought to be the first non-employee customer of the site.

His purchase was finally revealed on the discussion site Quora, where a user inquired as to the first product ever made on the site.

After an Amazon employee replied with the title of the book, Wainwright logged on to post a picture of the book and the packing slip as proof of purchase.

"It's still in my order history listing!" he said. "I came across the Quora listing through a friend. He'd heard about the rumours I was the first customer and sent me a link.

"I think I ordered the book over a T-1 connection at work, I was working at Kaleida Labs, the Apple/IBM joint venture, at the time."

Another user even claimed that one of Amazon's buildings was named Wainwright in honour of the momentous purchase.