29/10/2012 10:18 GMT

Blair Says Europe Needs An Elected Leader, Have Anyone In Mind Tony?

Tony Blair has said the European Union needs a elected president in order to restore confidence in the wake of the eurozone crisis. Have anyone in mind Tony?

The former prime minister warned an audience in Berlin on Monday that the European project risked failure unless it re-connected with voters.

“A Europe-wide election for the presidency of the Commission or Council is the most direct way to involve the public," he said. "An election for a big post held by one person — this people can understand.”

Blair famously wanted to be considered for the current role of president of the European Council, a position chosen by the leaders of EU member states not by the people directly.

Asked in June he would like to be considered for the role of an elected EU president Blair said that was "way, way down the line".

He said: "When the European presidency came up last time I would have taken it if the job had been offered but I've never thought of stepping back into European politics at this moment."

In what could be interpreted as a warning to the current Labour leadership as well as David Cameron, Blair also told the audience in Germany that it would be wrong for Britain to "play short-term politics" during current EU budget negotiations.

On Monday shadow foreign secretary and shadow chancellor Ed Balls launched a pincer movement on the prime minister by siding with eurosceptic Tory MPs in calling for the EU's budget to take a real-terms cut.

The government faces a vote on the issue on Wednesday it what could prove to be a major headache for Cameron.