06/11/2012 06:27 GMT | Updated 09/11/2012 09:27 GMT

Jack Russell Ollie Faces Being Euthanised After Hawk Rips Out His Tongue (PICTURES)

A Jack Russell faces being put down after his tongue was ripped out by a hawk.

Four-year-old Ollie was enjoying a walk with owner Ian Farquhar when a Harris hawk - which was being trained - swooped and attacked him.

The bird of prey sank its talons into the dog before ripping off his tongue - leaving the pooch "screaming and covered in blood".

Ollie may have to be hand-fed for the rest of his life

Gardener Ian, 47, now faces the heartbreaking decision of whether to have his pet put down after being told by vets that he will have to be hand-fed for the rest of his life.

He said "We were enjoying a nice walk on a lovely morning, Ollie was by my side and my other dog Rocky, was about 10 yards ahead of us.

"It all happened quite fast, I heard a scuffle and looked down and there was something big and brown attacking Ollie.

"I thought it was another dog at first, like a Staffordshire Bull Terrier and tried to kick it but it wouldn't let go.


"Then I saw the wings and realised it was a bird of prey. Ollie was howling and he was covered in blood. I started crying and my clothes and my hands were covered in blood.

"I'm absolutely devastated."

Ian said his sadness soon turned to anger when he realised that the hawk wasn't wild and was actually being trained by a man further up the path.

Ian said: "The hawk's owner ran over and got the bird off Ollie, his tongue was in his hand.

"He had a go at me for kicking the bird I couldn't believe it. The path is popular with dog owners, he shouldn't have been there.

Ian Farquhar says the attack has destroyed both his and Ollie's lives

"The owner said he would pay for the vets bills, but its not about the money, it's about Ollie.

"If another dog had attacked Ollie, it would be almost certainly put down. So I want the hawk destroyed in case it attacks some other innocent animal."

Ian and Ollie were taken to Parkside Vetinary Practice in Dundee by the bird's owner, Colin Kirk, and Ollie has been in the care of vets since the attack on Friday morning.

Unless Ollie learns to swallow his food without the use of his tongue, he will have to be hand fed meaning his quality of life will be so poor Ian may have to have his treasured pet put to sleep.

Ian, of Dundee, said: "The vets have basically said he will never be the same again.

"He had to have a lump in his mouth sewed down and half of his tonsils were taken out.

Ollie was attacked by a Harris hawk (file picture)

"His quality of life is going to be low, but we'll just have to see how he gets on. He might not even be able to drink on his own so I might have to bottle feed him.

"The attack has destroyed my life, Ollie's and Rocky's. The two dogs were best of friends and you can tell Rocky is missing him."

Dundee council worker Colin Kirk said the attack was an "unfortunate accident" and said that he would respect any request to have the one-year-old hawk put down.

"I let her loose and she left her perch in a tree and flew over to his direction.

"She went on to the dog and I managed to get her off and separated them.

"It was quite a nasty injury, this chap was understandably jumping up and down.

"I explained that the bird was insured and he didn't have to worry, and that the vet care will be dealt with.

"She has never attacked a dog or anyone I have been out with before. Maybe she caught a flash in the long grass and thought it was a rabbit.

"If he wants the bird destroyed it's up to him."