07/11/2012 11:58 GMT

Bell-Ringer Gets Tangled In Ropes, Rescued By Firefighters (PHOTOS)

Novice bell-ringer Helen Springthorpe, 58, had to be winched to safety by firefighters after becoming tangled up in her rope and trapped 20ft above the belfry floor.

The accident happened during a weekly practice session at St Nicholas Church, Bathampton. Poor Helen was lifted up by the rope then knocked unconscious after falling. Paramedics were unable to carry her down on a stretcher as the staircase was too narrow, so the team of specialist firefighters were called in.

Helen told the Daily Mail: "I think I hit my head on the wall and then fell over and hit it on the floor. It wasn't that exciting. The exciting bit was being rescued by all the firemen."

Fears she'd broken a hip later proved to be unfounded - and you'll be pleased to hear that Helen has now made a full recovery.

You know, the same thing happened to Quasimodo once. He got the right hump about it. (Sorry.)

Want to see some action shots of Helen's dramatic rescue - and a few nice scenic pictures of the church? Well, feast your eyes on our slideshow...

Firefighters Rescue Tangled-Up Bellringer

(All pictures: SWNS)