07/11/2012 04:50 GMT | Updated 20/12/2012 07:00 GMT

Justin Bieber Gay Sex Doll 'Just-In Beaver' Leaves Teenage Hearthrob 'Incensed'

A gay sex doll apparently modelled on teen popstar Justin Bieber has hit the market for the just £20.

Ingeniously named ‘Just-In Beaver’, the anatomically-correct doll proclaims itself “the barely legal boy-toy” and boasts that it offers “multiple entry”.

It features a topless Bieber look-alike on the cover and makes reference to the singer’s teenage girlfriend Selena Gomez.

Pipedream, the American company marketing the doll also offers blow-up versions of Kim Kardashian (Kinky Kim), Pamela Anderson, Jessica Simpson and Lindsay Lohan (Lindsay Blowhan).

"Nobody creates products with mainstream crossover appeal like Pipedream," said CEO Nick Orlandino.

"The publicity we receive when one of these celebrity dolls hits the market is priceless. Our customers will definitely experience rising sales as Just-In Beaver blows up - literally!"


Apparently the 18-year-old Baby singer is less than flattered with the likeness though, and has instructed his legal team to get on the case.

A source told The Sun: “Justin is absolutely incensed with this monstrosity.

“He’s already set his lawyer on these sickos.”

The doll is now listed as “out of stock” although it’s unknown whether this is due to any impending legal action or sheer popularity.