13/11/2012 07:27 GMT | Updated 13/11/2012 10:51 GMT

David Cameron Has Wardrobe Malfunction At Lord Mayor's Banquet (PICTURES)

The Lord Mayor's banquet is traditionally an opportunity for senior members of Government to open up discussion, avoid laying bare any gaping holes in Government policy and maybe discuss any draught(y) bills.

Well, as you can see, Cameron managed to achieve all of this without even opening his mouth.


Going, going...

An unfortunate wardrobe malfunction caused a rumpus when he exposed his prime pecs to members of his cabinet and other guests.

Cameron's pristine pressed shirt upstaged the PM just before he made a speech emphasising the importance of Britain's banking sector.



Let's hope he had a spare, tiresome as it would have been to change.

Eight puns, I need a lie down.


The mishap was eventually pointed out to Cameron

It's almost as embarrassing as this double denim disaster...