14/11/2012 07:54 GMT | Updated 25/11/2012 17:56 GMT

BBC Director General Poll Results: Paxman, Qatada, Assange Score High... Dorries Doesn't

This is it - the results of the most hotly anticipated poll that has absolutely no chance of affecting any major BBC decisions are in.

The Huff Post UK's "Who should be the next Director General of the BBC?" poll set new benchmarks in polling techniques.

Inspired by President Obama's grassroots election campaign, Huff Post UK staffers pounded the pavements of Britain to get accurate opinion from across the country and the political spectrum. We even polled people's pets.

The data was then aggregated using complex mathematical algorithms to produce a highly nuanced and precise result.


We just stuck a poll in an article.

So who won? Well, top of the pile for prospective DGs was 'King of Directness' Jeremy Paxman. Congrats!

In second place was Julian Assange. He told the Huff Post UK that he would be unable to take the job but would love to run the World Service from Ecuador.

Third place went to perennial evil-doer and constant thorn in Theresa May's side, Abu Qatada. Good choice Britain - access to the country's biggest media platform.

In last place with a piddly 1.75% of the vote was Nadine Dorries, although when we compensate for people who actually thought they were voting in "I'm A Celebrity..." it turns out that she got nada.

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