14/11/2012 04:02 GMT | Updated 14/11/2012 04:32 GMT

Plane Crash Kills Three In Mississippi Suburb Jackson (PICTURES)

Three people have died after a small plane crashed into a house in Mississippi late Tuesday night.

Flames and black smoke billowed from the wreckage of the Piper PA-32 single-engine plane, and emergency services blockaded a street in the state's capital, Jackson.

Three people have died in the crash

All three pilots were killed and one resident of the house managed to escape with minor injuries, reported WJTV-TV. It was unclear if there was anybody else inside the house at the time of the accident.

The plane had taken off from Hawkins Field Airport and was headed to Raymond, also in Mississippi for a Federal Aviation Administration safety conference, the Associate Press reported.

According to a police officer at the scene, the plane was sputtering immediately before it crashed, suggesting it may have been out of fuel. The cause of the crash will be investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA.