Shocking Footage Of Collapsed Man Ignored By London Underground Commuters (VIDEO)


This unbelievable footage shows commuters and London Underground staff ignoring a man as he collapses on a packed tube on Wednesday.

As he falls, fellow passengers look over but none go to his aid.

The footage continues as the train stops in Great Portland Street after a woman pulls the emergency stop handle. All the passengers get off, some stepping over him, leaving the man on the floor.

Two London Underground staff can be seen talking as they look at the man but neither go to help.

The unidentified man who shot the footage said: "I could not believe it, he hit the ground with such force.

"People just stared at him. I wish I had done more to help but I was with my two children at the time.

"It was shocking that no one went to help him - people just stepped over him or stayed on their seats and carried on having a natter.

"He was eventually helped by a good samaritan after about 15 minutes of just lying there before the paramedics and police arrived to take him away."

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