15/11/2012 18:09 GMT | Updated 16/11/2012 04:39 GMT

I'M A CELEBRITY: Helen Flanagan Threatens To Walk, Limahl, Rosemary Shrager Arrive, Charlie Enters Trial

Helen Flanagan surpassed herself in her daily 'I'm A Celebrity' bushtucker trial, this time ducking out of her task before she’d completed the first of five rooms, and once again returning to her bushmates empty-handed.

And she threatened to walk out of the jungle if she kept being voted by the public to compete for food.

While Helen’s bushmates demonstrated sympathy, it was clear their patience was beginning to run out, with Charlie Brooks the first to reveal her contempt to the Bush telegraph - “everything just kind of revolves around her. She needs a short, sharp shock.”

Celeb Helen Faces Hardest Trial

And guess what? The British public are a contrary bunch. As a direct result, they quickly voted for Helen to take part in the next trial Come Dive With Me. At least this time, she’ll have Charlie alongside her, also voted in by viewers.

At the opposite end of the spectrum, David Haye was strangely chilled, remarking that she had done her best - “what more can we ask of our little Helen?”

Celeb Helen Faces Hardest Trial

But if the designers of all these tough trials begin to despair of anyone putting them properly through their paces, viewers, too, may have enough of Helen’s fears and general ineptitudes - it may be time to put someone else through a bushtucker trial, either that or Helen will do as she threatened and walk out of the jungle if she keeps getting voted to compete. OR... everyone will just continue to go very hungry and walk out, even portly Colin, many pounds lighter.

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Celeb Helen Faces Hardest Trial