17/11/2012 03:55 GMT | Updated 17/11/2012 08:04 GMT

Hamas Headquarters In Gaza Targeted By Israel (PICTURES)

Hamas’ headquarters in Gaza have been targeted by Israeli air strikes on the fourth day of tensions in the region.

According to the BBC it is thought no one was injured but there was clear damage to the building.

Pictures show Palestinians inspecting damage at the office of Hamas' of Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyes.

According to AP, Israel launched more than 180 airstrikes early Saturday.


Hamas’ headquarters in Gaza have been targeted by Israeli air strikes

Thirty seven people have been killed, three Israelis and 34 Palestinians, since Israel's began ‘operation pillar of defence’ with the assassination of Ahmed Jabari, the Hamas military chief, in a drone strike on his car on Wednesday.

The attack on the Hamas buildings came after an unprecedented rocket attack aimed at the holy city of Jerusalem on Friday.

Al Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas, claimed responsibility for the attacks after promising a "surprise" earlier in the day.

Earlier in the day Tel Aviv was targeted for a second time.

Israel has put 75,000 army reservists on stand-by – prompting concerns the country is preparing for a ground invasion in Gaza.

David Cameron and Foreign Secretary William Hague have urged both Israel and the Palestinians to make efforts to halt the violence.

But they made clear they thought Hamas bears the greatest responsibility for the current crisis, as well as the ability to bring it most swiftly to an end.


Israeli soldiers examine a damaged wall of a house hit by a rocket fired from the Gaza Strip

The Prime Minister spoke to the president of Egypt, Mohammed Morsi, to discuss the situation on Friday.

A No 10 spokesman said: "President Morsi shared the Prime Minister's grave concerns about the civilian casualties in Gaza and Israel and about the danger of a downward spiral of violence that would lead to further instability in the region.

"They agreed that the priority must be to de-escalate the crisis and that Britain and Egypt should continue to urge both sides to take steps to reduce tensions."

In a telephone call with Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, US president Barack Obama also repeated his country's support for Israel's "right to defend itself".


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