19/11/2012 05:28 GMT | Updated 19/01/2013 05:12 GMT

BBC Launches 'Earth Unplugged', YouTube-Only Nature Channel

The BBC has launched a YouTube only 'channel' which will feature new nature shows unavailable anywhere else.

'Earth Unplugged' will host seven new nature programmes a week.

BBC Worldwide will not make the shows available on iPlayer, and other YouTube channels could be set to follow its lead.

BBC Earth Productions created the channel and its content, which will include a show called Amazing Animal Babies, Zoo La La (about "extraordinary animal behaviour"), Deadliest ("the ultimate showdowns from the planet's deadliest animals") and a new version of Walking With Dinosaurs.

Amanda Hill, Managing Director for BBC Earth at BBC Worldwide said in a statement:

"With Earth Unplugged we're seeking to connect a new audience with the world around them. YouTube offers a fantastic opportunity to reach people and grab their attention with innovative nature content that will captivate and inspire."