19/11/2012 07:16 GMT

Variations On A Carpet Cleaner Advertising Jingle (VIDEO)

You know, it takes a lot to impress us nowadays. (For example, we know for a fact our cat's doing a 'Gangnam Style' take-off right behind us as we type, but we can't muster up the energy or enthusiasm to turn round and indulge him.)

However, we are very impressed with singer Mia Gentile, who's just taken the time and trouble to rework a popular US ad jingle while showcasing every musical style possible. Watch the video above and you'll soon be singing along with her - even if, like us, you'd never heard of Stanley Steemer before.

Of course, these American jingles are all very well - but for us Brits, there'll only ever be one carpet-cleaning jingle. Altogether now!

(Via The Poke)