21/11/2012 06:13 GMT | Updated 21/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Nudifier App Promises To Make All Of Your Friends Naked, For Free

A new iPhone app promises to turn any picture into a sexy naked photo.

Except, not quite.

Thanks to Gizmodo for pointing out this app, which is currently free in the iOS App Store and is either really fun and hilarious, or utterly tedious.

The idea of Nudifier - if you can't work it out from the name - is that you can take any photo, and hide an area with 'nudified' pixels, creating the impression of something that you really shouldn't be allowed to see.

Its developers say it makes the "previously high-cost process of Nüdification available to everyone".

They also point out it works "on inanimate objects and pets".

The app is currently free, but not for long - so get it now if you really, really want to pretend that your friends, co-workers and rivals are all totally nude.

Download the app here.


Above: Nudifier at work