22/11/2012 05:44 GMT

Larry David's Thanksgiving (VIDEO)

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! What's that? You hadn't noticed today was different to any other day? Chances are you're not American/in America/clinging desperately to some vague acquaintances from American in the hope of grabbing a free meal.

But, hey, we can still make today ever-so-slightly more special than all the other days this week because Larry David - yes, Larry David! - is here to tell us all about his family Thanksgiving dinners in Brooklyn, via the animated video above.

Thanks Larry! Here's wishing you a day full of dark meat.

Want more Larry? OK, wait there a second.

Cue incidental music while we fumble around in our archives.

Right, here's a video from earlier in the year in which Larry urges young people to vote...