23/11/2012 14:02 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 10:12 BST

Kids' Scooters Allow Young Patients A Fun Journey Down To The Operating Theatre

Kids' scooters allow young patients a fun journey down to the operating theatre Young patients and nurses at King's College Hospital in London, will be able SCOOT down to the operating theatre after the hospital was given scooters for staff and patients!

Eight children's scooters and two adult sized ones were donated by Micro Scooters UK to help alleviate children's fears as they headed down to surgery.

The children will only be able to scoot in the corridors between certain locations, and safety kit - including helmets - will have to be worn.

The scooters will also be used in the children's physiotherapy department to help young people after injury, or those with coordination or mobility issues.

Jackie Ambrose, a Play Specialist Leader at King's told the Telegraph that the scooters will make a huge difference to the children:

"We're very thankful for the donation of these scooters. Surgery is a daunting experience for anyone, especially so for children. These scooters will provide a welcome distraction for children who are about to have an operation."

Previously, scooters have been used in kids' units in hospitals in Glasgow and Nottingham. A spokesperson told Parentdish they were well received by both parents and children.

Mum Gabriele Neher, who had a child in Nottingham University Hospital, said the scheme was fantastic.

"It was a joy to see the faces of young patients light up with excitement and give them the sense they are just like other children," she said, while 12-year-old patient Ben Smith had a slightly different perspective:

"Now we can go really fast through the hospital!"

What do you think? Should more hospitals have children-friendly provisions like this in place?