23/11/2012 06:30 GMT | Updated 23/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Nexus 4 Android Phone Hacked Into 4G Device (In Canada...)

The new Nexus 4 by Google and LG has already won praise for its fast processor and bafflingly low price tag. Yes, it's missing December. But you can't have everything.

Now it can add another string to its bow. Kinda.

The flagship Android phone, which was originally criticised for not including a 4G radio, has been hacked to accept 4G signal. Er, in Canada.

The hack was made possible by the discovery earlier this month that the phone does in fact have a form of 4G chip inside - just not the right kind to connect to the UK's only 4G network, run by EE.

Videos posted to YouTube shouw that the phone is able to use a carrier's 4G band by going through the phone's test menu, which you can reach by dialling "*#*#4636#*".

Canadian carriers including Bell, Rogers and Telus use LTE Band 4 (AWS 2100 / 1700MHz), which is not the same as used in the UK.

Still, for those lucky few overseas who can use it, this is a pretty nice extra for what is already a handsome device.