26/11/2012 06:27 GMT | Updated 26/11/2012 07:37 GMT

Acid Attack Victims Need Equality To Help Stop Violence, Says Campaigner Monira Rahman

Nurbanu recognised her husband a moment before he threw acid in her face.

The 36-year-old from Shatkhira in south west Bangladesh had divorced her violent and unfaithful partner eight days before the attack, after 18 years together.

"My husband went into hiding. After 10 months he was caught and jailed for a year," she says.

Now, she's back at home with him: "His mother paid for his release on bail," she says. "She made me sign an affidavit to have him released. She used my sons to convince me to marry him again.

Nurbanu was attacked by her husband

"He threatened me and beat me a few nights back."

Monira Rahman, the CEO of the acid survivors association in Bangladesh, blogging for The Huffington Post UK says, it's time to stop women like Nurbanu suffering.

Marking the international day for the elimination of violence against women, she writes: "Having worked with survivors of acid and petrol attacks in Bangladesh for the past 14 years, I know that violence is a major obstacle for women’s ability to access their rights.

"Until women have real equality, they will continue to not only suffer the most from poverty but also be subjected to violence."

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