27/11/2012 04:58 GMT

Mark Carney, Next Bank Of England Governor, Married To An 'Eco-Warrior'

The British wife of the new governor of the Bank of England is also well acquainted with the "green stuff" - she's an environmental activist with an interest in the Occupy movement, runs her own eco-website and is on a political mission to help reduce inequality caused by "rotten or inadequate" institutions.

In an article for Canadian website iPolitics, published just a week before the announcement of her husband Mark Carney's appointment as Governor, Diana Carney wrote: "The politics of division are coming home to roost. The grass is always greener on the other side and the Occupy movement has provided a voice to many unhappy people.

"The visibility and excess of the top 0.1 per cent.. play a part.

"I perceive a fear that the institutions that underpin our country and the global system are either threatened, rotten or inadequate to face down the challenges of the future.

The global financial system comes first to mind, but with so many recent scandals in the worlds of politics and business it’s no wonder people are nervous.

"It seems to me that the common thread between them is their relationship to equality of opportunity.

"People feel that this is slipping from their grasp.

"So, let’s embrace inequality as the defining issue of our time and confront it head-on by promoting greater opportunities for all.

"Then, my hope is that the climate agenda – which I perceive as far more intractable – will steal the spotlight and forcefully demand serious policy action."

Mark Carney, appointed president of the Bank of England

Mrs Carney, vice-president of left wing think tank Canada2020, is another devotee of The Spirit Level, by two North Yorkshire scientists Richard Wilkinson and Kate Pickett, a left-wing book on correcting inequality.

It recommends higher taxation or less profits for the rich to help close the gap between rich and poor, claiming that "almost everything - from life expectancy to mental illness, violence to illiteracy - is affected not by how wealthy a society is, but how equal it is."

The book, which has been heralded by Labour leader Ed Miliband, has outsold , but has been attacked as a "polemic" by many on the right, described by the Taxpayers Alliance as "absurd".

In her latest comment piece, Mrs Carney highly recommended the text, describing its ideas as "correlating almost every societal ill with inequality, and the lack of hope and aspiration that such a condition engenders."

The British expat will miss her adopted home, telling friends on Twitter the family will be sure to return in five years, when Mr Carney's term at the Bank of England finishes. He has accepted only a five year term, despite being offered eight years.

Mrs Carney runs a website Eco Products That Work where she reviews environmentally friendly products, where she describes herself as a "multi-tasking mother of four" and describes attending a local eco-group.

Diana Carney's extensive eco-products reviewing website

She writes: "About 15 years ago, I made a conscious decision to switch to eco products whenever possible. Since then I have actively sought out organic, natural and resource-saving products (and tried to limit my overall consumption)."

The site contains tips on eco-lip balm, gardening with pots made from fired cow dung, $10 vegan shoes, and kid-friendly make-your-own cosmetics kits.

The couple met at Oxford University where Mrs Carney, a hockey player, studied philosophy, politics and economics, and later a Masters in agricultural economics.

The couple have four young daughters, the youngest started school this September, and have lived in Ottawa since 2003.