27/11/2012 08:12 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Teen Burglar Spends 13 Hours In Wardrobe After Homeowner Returns

Teen burglar spends 13 hours in wardrobe after homeowner returns SWNS

A teenage burglar ended up hiding in a wardrobe for 13 HOURS after he was disturbed mid-break in.

Aaron Bradford, 18, hid in the cupboard at the house in Yelverton, Devon, at 2.40pm, and remained still and silent while police officers combed the scene.

CCTV footage then caught the bungling burglar making his escape at 4am the following morning - and snatching a camera, a Toshiba laptop and cash on his way out.

He has now been sent to a young offenders' institute for five years after admitting other offences at Plymouth Crown Court.

The hearing was told that Bradford had pleaded guilty to burgling the house - which was the home of his former foster-carer - on three other occasions.

His victims installed CCTV after a break-in in which Bradford stole electrical items and jewellery valued at £20,000.

Teen burglar spends 13 hours in wardrobe after homeowner returns SWNS

David Gittins told the court that the home owner came home to find her patio doors had been forced open. When the police arrived, Bradford hid in a bedroom.

"He hid in the wardrobe for 13 hours till 4am, then stole a camera, a laptop and a small amount of cash," Mr Gittins said.

The teenager was arrested shortly after leaving the house, picked up as he walked along the A386 between Yelverton and Horrabridge with the stolen laptop in his bag.

The court was told that after previously being released on bail, Bradford was part of a gang who robbed a man on June 10 while wielding knives and baseball bats.

The Sun reports that he also stole a man's bank details and used them to act as a guarantor for a £466 loan, as well as using a bank card stolen from a woman's bag to withdraw cash.