28/11/2012 05:33 GMT | Updated 28/01/2013 05:12 GMT

170-Foot Long Trampoline Is The Best Way To Commute Ever Invented

Have you ever wanted to trampoline to work?

It might sound ludicrous - but it's at least technically possible, as proven by a recent art installation in Russia.

Archstoyanie is a festival of art and creativity in the forest of Nikola-Lenivets, in Russia.

And this year, designers Maarja Kask, Karli Luik, and Ralf Lõoke created the Fast Track - a 170-foot long track made of a trampoline.

Take a look below.


According to Knstrct, the structure was "an attempt to create intelligent infrastructure that is emotional and corresponds to the local context, giving the user a different experience of moving and perceiving the environment".

No, it wasn't permanent. And yes - you'll have to petition very hard to get this trialled in London, for instance.

Then again, the mayor there does have a habit of green-lighting over-elaborate transport solutions...

See below for video of the trampoline, about 30 seconds in.