28/11/2012 10:42 GMT

Ben Bradshaw's Office Has A Wee Problem... (PICTURE)

Antiquated as it is, parliament is sometimes liable to the odd structural mishap. In one such case, Labour MP Ben Bradshaw's office is experiencing a wee problem at the moment... Literally.

If the idea of a urine-soaked office wasn't disgusting enough, the revelation is accompanied by a picture of a comedically grimacing Bradshaw, complaining about the reek of urine.

Bradshaw pins the blame not on an incontinent upstairs parliamentary neighbour but on "a men's urinal with Victorian copper piping with holes in it".

An aide told the BBC: "It's dripping from a corner. We've got a bucket underneath.

"It started yesterday and they fixed it, but it's started again today. The House authorities are aware and they are getting it sorted."

The MP has yet to order an urgent inquiry into the leak.