28/11/2012 06:07 GMT

Bodybuilder 'Big Mo' Moustafa Ismail Claims World's Largest Biceps Are Real (VIDEO)

An Egyptian bodybuilder with the world's largest arms has told of the challenges that come with his 31-inch biceps, including finding a shirt and dealing with accusations of implants and oil injections.

Moustafa Ismail, also known as 'Big Mo', lives in Massachusetts. Despite not liking Popeye's staple food, spinach, he told AP: "My friends, they call me popeye, Egyptian popeye."

You'll have someone's eye out with that thing: Moustafa Ismail flexes his obscenely-large muscles

The 24-year-old will appear in the Guinness Book of Records for his record-breaking biceps. However since he first went public with his impressive 'guns', there has been speculation that his massive bulk was down to unnatural means.

This is an allegation Ismail vehemently denies. He tells AP: "I did an ultrasound test, a bloodtest, I did an X ray which proves I have nothing unnatural."

His arms are a result of 10 years of body building and trains at least twice a day. Take a look at some more pictures below.

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See Mo with the Guinness Book of Records team in the video below