28/11/2012 11:28 GMT | Updated 28/11/2012 12:48 GMT

Carry On Watching 'Two And A Half Men', Says God

The supreme deity has waded into the row about 'Two And A Half Men'.

The teenage star of the hit US sitcom, Angus T. Jones, had urged viewers to stop watching the show, branding it "filth" that goes against his religious teachings.

But now God has spoken out. “I'm totally fine about it, to be honest," He told us from his cloud in heaven. "I mean, it's just light entertainment. A bit of fun.

"You can't watch 'Songs Of Praise' and Aled Jones all the time. Even I'd get bored of that!"

The Creator said that He's always been a fan of sitcoms - "'Father Ted', 'Rev', that sort of thing" - and added that "Genesis got it wrong. On the fourth day, I actually said 'Let there be lights... camera... action!' I've always been a big showbiz person. Just look at the Grand Canyon! And Everest!"

In short, He added, "man was created in my image. And if that means Charlie Sheen, then so be it. Although between you and Me, I much prefer him to Ashton Kutcher."