29/11/2012 06:12 GMT | Updated 29/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Samsung Bans Employees From Excessive Drinking, Local Media Reports

Samsung has reportedly banned its South Korean employees from taking part in drinking games.

According to local media, the company has struggled with a culture of excessive drinking and smoking amongst its executives - and has decided to put a stop to it.

South Korea has among the highest rates of alcohol consumption in the world. Drinking alcohol to an almost insane degree is an important part of business culture there, and even has a name ("hoesik").

A recent CNN report said that "in Korea, it's said that the success of your business roughly correlates to how well you can drink" - and apparently the same is true at Samsung.

No longer. The Korean Herald said the company has banned consuming booze in "one shot" or as "punishment".

It is also encouraging employees to host meetings over sport, like golf or tennis, rather than marathon drinking sessions. It plans to boost education around the dangers of excessive drinking, and is encouraging businesses to hold dinner parties without alcohol.

The company has also removed ash trays from its buildings, in an attempt to stop employees smoking.

Apparently it has even warned offenders they might find it more difficult to get promoted if they do not comply.