30/11/2012 03:30 GMT | Updated 29/01/2013 05:12 GMT

Nintendo Wii U Launched In UK (PHOTOS)

Nintendo has launched the Wii U in the UK - the first major home console launch since 2006.

Fans waited until midnight outside HMV's Oxford Street store in London to buy the gaming system.

HMV promised customers it will have plenty of the consoles in stock for the launch following high demand for pre-orders.

The Wii U features the GamePad controller, a tablet-type device that allows users to continue playing after the connected television has been turned off or switched to another channel.

The controller boasts a 6.2in touchscreen display and a three to five-hour battery life.

Among the games expected to be best-sellers are ZombiU, which carries an 18 age restriction, Nintendo Land - the Wii Sports for the new console - and New Super Mario Bros U.

The console has received mixed reviews in the US, with most concerns surrounding the amount of games that will be available to justify the minimum £250 cost.

Others have mentioned the controller's weak battery performance, a lack of stand-out launch games and frustrating menus and online services.

Nintendo UK marketing director Shelly Pearce said: "We can't wait to get the Wii U into the hands of our fans in the UK and are delighted to be partnering with HMV on this exciting night.

"Not only will those that come down to HMV be among the first in the country to get their hands on the console but there will be lots of opportunities to try the games and to find out more about what makes Wii U such a unique new console."