03/12/2012 04:30 GMT | Updated 03/12/2012 10:54 GMT

Carine Felizardo Crowned Top Buttocks Of Brazil In Miss BumBum Pageant (PICTURES)

Brazilian judges have delivered their verdict and named the owner of the country's best buttocks.

Carine Felizardo scooped the $2,500 top bot spot in the annual Miss BumBum competition, so named because that is what Brazilians like to refer to their backsides as.

According to AFP, the 25-year-old choked back tears as she was crowned the winner, declaring: "I am overwhelmed. I am very, very happy.

Carine Felizardo scooped the top spot in Brazil's annual Miss BumBum competition

"I am very proud of my bumbum, proud to represent the Brazilian woman."

Of the 27 luscious, ripe bottoms fighting it out to be crowned the best backside in the country, 15 finalists competed in the final heat on Friday.

Literature on the website urged contestants to "show your talent to represent the 'national passion'." It also points out a recent Spanish survery which found that 81 per cent of men prefer women with curves and "furthermore, they do not care about the cellulite".


Last year’s contest saw model Rosana Ferreira take the crown – and like all the best beauty pageants, Miss BumBum is not without scandal.

Cibelle Riberio was almost disqualified this year amid suspicions she may have had buttock implants. Graciela Murano, a writer and editor for Oddee told The Huffington PostRiberio had been the nation's favourite, but the scandal - coupled with the fact she reportedly refused to take an X-ray - almost derailed her spot in the running.

However, once she had submitted an X-ray, she was back in the running,Globo said.