04/12/2012 08:10 GMT | Updated 04/12/2012 11:22 GMT

Corpse Elevator Prank: Programa Silvio Santos Continues To Punk Innocent Brazilians (VIDEO)

The merry japesters who brought you the terrifying "Ghost in an elevator" prank are back - and this time they've got a dead body.

Brazil's version of You've Been Framed - Programa Silvio Santos - sees undertakers loading a coffin into a lift and then dashing back with a wreath...just as the doors slide closed.

Stuck in the lift with a coffin, the passenger holds her own...until the top half of the coffin bursts open and a "body" flops out.

corpse in elevator

Time to freak out...the coffin door swings open

It's either knicker-wettingly funny or terrifying depending on how you look at it... and each take sees more hapless victims being shut in the lift, with the corpse becoming more animated each time.

Basically, the moral of this tale is never get into an elevator in Brazil.

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