07/12/2012 09:06 GMT | Updated 14/12/2015 10:59 GMT

Christmas Dinner Facts: Things You Didn't Know About Turkey, Stuffing And Sprouts

If you're anything like HuffPost UK Lifestyle, you'll have become a seasoned pro when it comes to Christmas rituals over the years.

You can gift wrap in your sleep, prep your pigs-in-blankets with ninja-like precision and predict exactly what your mother-in-law is going to say to irritate you (and when).

Year in, year out it's always the same old thing: Christmas specials, fights over boardgames and another pair of socks.

So to help shake things up a little over the dinner table or fill out those inevitable awkward silences, we've pulled together some interesting facts about your Christmas dinner.

Whether you want to impress guests with your parsnip knowledge or justify your hate for sprouts, we're sure there's something here for you.

Things You Didn't Know About Your Christmas Dinner