05/12/2012 08:22 GMT | Updated 05/12/2012 08:39 GMT

Eminem's 'Daughter' Hailie Scott Mathers Tells Taylor Swift To 'Stop Whoring Around' Over Harry Styles Romance

Good lord. Taylor Swift better watch her back... Eminem's daughter Hailie Scott is NOT HAPPY.

The rapper's teenage offspring has apparently taken to Twitter to bemoan the rumours of a romance between serial heartbreaker Swift and British export Harry Styles...but is all as it seems?

Hailie Scott Mathers's first shot over the parapet simply read:

A follow-up read:

And the final blow...

It's got all the ingredients of perfect showbiz story: a teenage singing sensation (Taylor), the offspring of a hardman rapper (Hailie) and Britain's boy band king, Harry.

The only fly in the ointment being that we have reason to believe this isn't Eminem's daughter. You see, there is an odd little community of internet trolls out there claiming to be the rapper's daughter.

Back in May, Huffington Post UK fell victim to a Twitter hoaxer claiming to be Slim Shady's little one.

harry styles taylor swift

Hand-in-hand: Taylor and Harry in the USA

Further investigation found a handful of other online presences all making the same assertions, including the Hailie Scott Mathers currently ranting about Swift.

@hailiejade_x posts a stream of tweets urging her 31,000 followers to report imposters and retweeting messages of support for Eminem.

Conducting an #askhailie session on the unverified account, she reveals she hopes to be a teacher and says she’s not “allowed” to post pictures of her family online.

A linked Instagram account's opening gambit reads: "THIS IS MY ONLY ACCOUNT!!! Yes I am Eminem's daughter so please stop asking. :) + please stop asking for photos of my family I only post photos of me."

We dug up a couple of other imposters and asked the real Hailie to get in touch. She hasn't, but we've had several emails from people who describe themselves as her friends, and who definitively state the Taylor-trashing account is false. (@hailiejade_x has remained silent on the matter).


We've no way of confirming it, but we're informed the 'real' Hailie has a private account from sources who say her identity has been confirmed by her own family members.

So, er, hope that clears that up!

UPDATE: Looks like Taylor can come out of hiding, @hailiejade_x seems somewhat contrite this morning: