10/12/2012 10:51 GMT | Updated 22/05/2015 06:12 BST

Kate Middleton Pregnancy: Bookies Play The Royal Baby Name Game

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge PA

The moment the Duchess of Cambridge's pregnancy was announced, the bookies wasted no time in offering odds for the likely name for the royal prince or princess who will be third-in-line to the throne.

Despite speculation that Kate is not even in the 12th week of her pregnancy, bookmakers Ladbrokes are already offering odds of 8/1 that the baby will be called Elizabeth after her great-grandmother, the Queen. It's also Kate's middle name after one of her grandmothers.

At 12/1 is Diana, in remembrance of Prince William's mother who died in 1997.

For boys, John and Charles were both 10/1, followed by James (12/1), which is also the name of Kate's brother, Philip or George (both 14/1), Edward (16/1) and Andrew (20/1).

With William having Philip as one of his middle names, along with Arthur and Louis, the bookies could be on the money with their assertions of it also being a likely choice.

Gamblers aren't just sticking to the tried-and-tested down the generations baby names though - one punter put £10 on the royal couple calling their first born Rylan after the X Factor contender!