10/12/2012 09:42 GMT | Updated 10/12/2012 10:07 GMT

Pope On Twitter: What Will @Pontifix Say? (SLIDESHOW)

Pope Benedict XVI is to christen his new Twitter account with 140 holy characters this week.

The first tweet, planned for midday on Wednesday, will kick off a Question and Answer session, intended to show that "nobody is going to be putting words into his mouth," according to a Vatican spokesperson. People questioning the Pope are asked to use the hashtag #askpontifex, the Pope's Twitter handle.

The tweets will not be infallible as the Pope will not use the platform for delivering dogma or articles of faith, but instead will tweet "pearls of wisdom" the Vatican said.

Each tweet will be approved by the Pope himself (though composed by his attendants, so the pope himself won't be responsible for any typos.)

The Pope is following seven versions of himself and no one else on Twitter at the moment. Despite his reverend silence he has over 500,00 followers, making his first tweet a momentous occasion.

But what is the 85-year-old Pope likely to say? The Vatican claimed the teachings of the Gospel are ideally suited to the microblogging site. It also said his tweets will be made up from the content of his Sunday blessings and homilies. The Pope will also tweet his response to major world events, offering words of wisdom for national festivals and natural disasters.

Fr. Federico Lombardi, the head of the Vatican Press Office, said in a posting for news Vatican: "Of course the world will not be saved by tweets but among a billion baptised Catholics and among the seven billion people of the world, several million people will be able to feel the Pope is closer in this way too, hearing him say a word for them, a spark of wisdom to bear in their minds and hearts and to share with their twitter friends.

He described it as "a new service of the Gospel."

As the leader of the Roman Catholic Church prepares to send his first tweet, the Huffington Post UK imagines some of the things the pope is least likely to say.