12/12/2012 16:09 GMT

Ed Miliband, Labour Leader, Looks Dashing For Grazia, Less So For Exercise

With his boy by his side and the sun at his back, Labour Leader, Ed Miliband, looks truly majestic in this picture.

ed miliband

Miliband and his son on a lovely morning stroll

One almost expects a plume of peacock feathers to spring forth from his behind as he struts down the pavement, positively lording it over this quiet, tree-lined scene.

What's with all the praise, I hear you ask? Our illustrious leader of the opposition always looks this dashing, no?


Whilst this carefully managed, wide-angled photo-shoot for Grazia is more than flattering, here's what he looked like back in July.

miliband running

Miliband and his personal trainer on a hideous morning run

Ooh, not a good look. Rather reminiscent of those old-school push puppet toys with the collapsable legs.

Miliband looks like he hasn't exercised since, say, the 1980s - the same decade those awful shellsuit trousers last got an airing.

The top picture is from the latest issue of Grazia. Miliband, incidentally, isn't the first party leader to be interviewed by Grazia - last year, prime minister David Cameron sat down for an interview with the glossy magazine, as part of an attempt to reach out to female voters.