12/12/2012 05:24 GMT | Updated 17/10/2014 14:59 BST

Mario Warfare: Live-Action Nintendo Parody Is 'Super Mario Meets Blackhawk Down'

The story of Super Mario is actually pretty brutal: two brothers mount a last-ditch all-action raid on a murderous dictator, smashing all before them to recover their own unelected matriach. Hopeless, meaningless, violent.

Mario Warfare is a new web-series dedicated to exactly that idea. It's a horrifically violent live-action reimagining of the timeless video game, in which all hope is lost and war is very real.

It's currently gathering funds on Kickstarter for a full 90-minute film, but the first 11-minute episode is enough to tell this isn't just any Mario film.

The team behind it are gathering funds now - click through if you want to help.