12/12/2012 06:00 GMT | Updated 12/12/2012 06:17 GMT

Pope Sends First Tweet Blessing Followers From Pontifex Twitter Account

It wasn't a link to favourite gif, or a request for a member of One Direction to "follow back", but the pope's first tweet was simple message of goodwill to more than 660,000 followers.

The Vatican had announced that Pope Benedict XVI, known as Pontifex on Twitter, would send his first tweet this Wednesday having joined the site more than a week ago.

pope ipad

The Pope using his iPad

His steadfast silence since then has not prevented him from racking up followers, and inspiring intense speculation at what would be the content of his first tweet.

But, apparently sent from an iPad, the Catholic leader simply sent out glad tidings.

Two more tweets followed in quick succession.

Sent at 10.28am on December 12, the first tweet received 7,793 retweets and 2,345 favourites in the first 20 minutes.

The response to the tweet was mixed from his followers.

Each tweet will be approved by the Pope himself (though composed by his attendants, so the pope himself won't be responsible for any typos.)

The Pope is following seven versions of himself and no one else on Twitter at the moment. Despite his reverend silence he has over 500,00 followers, making his first tweet a momentous occasion.

Before the tweet, The Huffington Post UK speculated on what the contents of the inaugural papal tweet would be..