12/12/2012 08:23 GMT

Kesha's 'Die Young' Gets Spoofed By The Midnight Beast (VIDEO)

Ha! One of our favourite comedy threesomes (not that kind of threesome, you understand) The Midnight Beast are back, doing what they do best: "mocking the living hell out of stuff for a living".

This new pop parody sees the trio offer their take on 'Die Young' by Kesha. Or Ke$ha, as she insists on calling herself. (Tsk - what kind of person inserts random punctuation marks into their names instead of letters? Tw@s!)

Anyway, we digress... In direct contrast to Kesha/Ke$ha's hit, The Midnight's Beast's 'Live Fast, Die Old' is all about living life slow, at a comfortable pace. A sample lyric? "My favourite party is when no-one attends. / I'm in my pants watching a box set of 'Friends'." Marvellous.

Oh, and be warned: there's some NSFW language towards the end. So cover your ears, kids. Or cover your kids' ears. Or, you know, just listen to it. It's really not that bad.

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