13/12/2012 05:14 GMT | Updated 12/02/2013 05:12 GMT

'Ace Of Spades' Released: Minecraft Meets Team Fortress (VIDEO)

With all of the big AAA games out already ahead of Christmas, it's left to the indies to pick up the slack for new releases.

Ace of Spades is the perfect antidote to big-budget shooters. It's essentially somewhere between Minecraft and Team Fortress, bringing intense action deathmatch to a world of bricks, blocks, construction and purposefully retro graphics.

Developers Jagex said that more than half a million gamers pre-registered for the game, so it's unlikely you'll have trouble finding a match-up.

They said:

Ace of Spades seamlessly combines both combat and construction in real-time, players are able to utilise fortifications, coordinated assaults, stealth, strategy and tactics in their attempt to achieve one of a variety of set objectives or can design their own bespoke games and objectives to obliterate the enemy from the map.

It's a blast - literally. Take a look at the trailer above and head over to Steam to pick it up for a penny under seven quid.

David Solari, Chief Marketing Officer for Jagex said in a statement:

"It has been a long time since I have been this excited about a game launch and we really cannot wait to welcome players into the battle. It's been wonderful seeing the community grow and get behind Ace of Spades and we were blown over by having 500,000 registrations for the game in such a short space of time. With Ace of Spades we have something which is unique, challenging and fun so let battle commence!"