14/12/2012 07:32 GMT

Matt Damon: 'Michael Douglas Is A Wonderful Kisser'

Matt Damon has confirmed to the world what Catherine Zeta Jones already knew (probably): Michael Douglas is really rather good at locking lips.

The 'Bourne' star made the admission during an interview about his new film, 'Behind The Candelabra' in the January/February edition of Playboy magazine.

Matt Damon

Matt - who plays the lover of Liberace (played by Douglas) in the movie says that CZJ's 68-year-old hubby was a 'wonderful kisser'.

He also revealed that he had to get his kit off for the role, saying: "I mean, it's tastefully done. ... But this movie's not going to be for everyone.

"Like, for one scene, I had to come out of a pool, go over to Michael, straddle him on a chaise lounge and start kissing him," he added. "And throughout the script, it's not like I kiss him just once. We drew it up like a football plan."

Michael Douglas

But just because he's a big movie star - don't think Matt's got an ego to match. Oh no. In fact, he has his very own method of staying humble.

In an interview with US chat show host Jay Leno, the star says he stays grounded by reading online comments about himself each day.

"I do the 'daily three', as I call it," he said. "I go online and find some article about me and then I go to the comments section and I read three comments that have been left about me."

Yep, that should do it.

Watch the interview below...


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